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We use a gentle, child-centered approach to teach survival swimming skills to children between the ages of 6 months and up. Each child learns the necessary skill of independently rolling to their back to float and breathe. Children 18 months and up learn a swim float swim sequence to navigate around the pool. Once children are comfortable and developmentally ready we begin stroke development lessons for freestyle, backstroke, breaststroke and butterfly.

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Survival Swim Training

This is the first step for every new child to our program. Children 6 months to 16 months learn to roll to an independent back float.  Children 17 months to 6 years learn a swim float swim sequence to navigate around the pool on their own. Learning to hold the side of the pool and climb out at the wall and steps is also an integral part of our program.


Refresher Courses

This course is for any child that completed the survival swim training within the last year but has not been swimming in several months.


Maintenance lessons

The sessions are for students who recently completed their survival swim training or refresher course. These classes give them a chance to maintain their survival swim skills while growing their confidence in the water.


Stroke Development 

Once children are confident in the swim float swim sequence and developmentally ready we can begin stroke training in freestyle, backstroke, butterfly and breaststroke.

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Instructor Training

After founding Survival Swim Corpus Christi in 2014 and training countless children in the Swim Float Survive℠ program, I am proud to become an Instructor Trainer for the Survival Swim Development Network and train individuals interested in bringing survival swim with a gentle approach into their communities. Once certified through the SSDN you independently own and operate your own business. As a member of the Survival Swim Development Network you have access to numerous mentors, continuing education and connection to a large community of like-minded swim instructors.

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About us

Survival Swim Corpus Christi was founded in 2014 by Amy Borden. As a new mom she realized the importance of her children learning to float independently as they would be around canals, the beach, rivers, bay and pools at home and when visiting family. At Survival Swim Corpus Christi, our desire is to not only equip your child with life saving survival swim skills but to love and encourage them to become happy and confident swimmers. We keep up with the latest techniques and methodologies, and consistently strive to offer the best and most gentle survival swim lessons.

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8530 King Ranch Dr, Corpus Christi, TX 78414, USA

(361) 815-5016

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